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Students choose ONE option subject. Each course runs for half a year, three hours per week.

Course Description:  This is a foundation course introducing graphic design, visual communications and the language of design used in advertising, publishing and the promotions industry.  Students will engage in a wide range of activities including computer skills using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Digital Photography.
Leads to Year 10 Art Design
Contact Kevin Burgess

Course Description:  This is a practical course focused on the essential speaking and movement skills associated with drama. It will utilise co-operative work skills and develop confidence in performance work with an emphasis on participation and enjoyment.
Contact Luke Walton

FRENCH (not running 2019)
Course Description:  This is a foundation course for students wishing to explore an interest in French language and culture. The process of language learning will enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of other cultures as well as their own. The course will be structured to meet the needs of both beginners and those with some prior language experience.  Topics covered include:

  • Basic greetings and self-introductions
  • Numbers, dates, time and colours
  • Home, family and describing oneself
  • About town, directions and ordering food

Leads to Year 10 French
Cost: $25 Language Perfect fee
Contact Annabelle Zeeman

Course Description:  This course is for students wishing to explore an interest in Japanese language and culture. The course will be structured to meet the needs of both beginners and those with some prior language experience. Topics covered include:

  • Basic greetings, terms of respect and self-introductions
  • Numbers, dates, time, ages, colours, seasons
  • School in Japan compared to school in New Zealand
  • Food, using chopsticks, eating habits and manners, likes and dislikes
  • Hiragana alphabet

Leads to Year 10 Japanese
Cost: $25 Language Perfect fee
Contact Jennifer Arai

Course Description:  Students selecting this course must be taking lessons on an instrument either through the college or privately. The course will be structured to meet the needs of the students who cannot read music as well as those who are proficient in this skill.
Topics will include:

  • Performance as a soloist or in a group
  • Identifying symbols of music/guitar tab
  • Discussion and analysis of music by recognised artists
  • Concentrated listening (aural skills)
  • Creating their own music using music technology

Leads to Year 10 Music
Contact Kay MacKenzie

Course Description:  This course is for students wanting to learn Te Reo Māori. Some prior knowledge is a bonus but not expected.
We cover Levels 1 –3 of the curriculum.
Topics covered include:

  • My family and home
  • Leisure
  • School
  • Anatomy

Leads to Year 10 Te Reo Māori
Contact Wayne Hippolite