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Course Description: This course develops skills in written, oral and visual language through the study of books, stories, poems, film, drama and media. Specific areas include:

  • Reading – developing personal reading, studying plot and character in literature
  • Formal Writing – produce convincing and technically accurate paragraphs, instructions and explanations. Introduction to essays.
  • Creative Writing – personal, descriptive, narrative
  • Oral & Visual – presenting and reading oral and visual texts in a variety of forms, including speeches, monologues, posters, graphic novels and radio
  • Information Literacy

Leads to Year 10 English
Contact Graeme Peake

Course Description: This course is designed to support reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners. Students will develop skills that supports learning across all curriculum areas and focus on improving their English skills.
Leads to Year 10 ESOL
Contact Clare Butler

Course Description: This course is aimed at developing skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Emphasis will be on: self-image, mental health, supporting others, communication and conflict, friendship, sexuality, nutrition and active lifestyles.
Contact Neil Anderson

Course Description: This course consolidates, explores and develops content and processes from the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum. Content from the number, measurement, geometry, algebra and statistics strands is presented within a range of meaningful contexts. The emphasis is on developing confidence within numeric reasoning without the use of a calculator. This is the first year of a two year junior mathematics programme. Students will be grouped with others of similar confidence.
Leads to Year 10 Mathematics
Contact Alex Crisp

Course Description: This course aims to provide learning experiences in a wide range of physical activities. There is a strong focus on the 4 strands of the Health and Physical Education curriculum: personal health and development, movement concepts and motor skills, relationships with other people and healthy communities and environments.  This is the first of a 2 year junior physical education programme aimed at Levels 4 and 5 of the Physical Education curriculum.
Leads to Year 10 Physical Education
Contact Chris Franklin

Course Description: This course develops the skills students need to become scientifically literate citizens. They will develop skills in knowledge recall, research and reporting, critical thinking and scientific investigation. Students will explore the relationship between science and technology.
The course will cover the five curriculum strands:

  • Nature of Science
  • Living World
  • Material World
  • Physical World
  • Planet Earth and Beyond

Leads to Year 10 Science
Contact Johnnie Fraser

Course Description: This course provides a broad skills-based experience of the application of technology in society. Students will learn skills and processes which will be applied to developing creative solutions to technological problems in a practical situation. Students will study four core modules: Graphics, Design (Metal & Wood), Technology and Digital Technology.
Leads to Year 10 Technology, Digital Technology, Graphics, Metal, Wood and Electronics
Cost: $60 for take home projects
Contact Kieran Cleary

Course Description: This course develops essential skills needed to be an active citizen in New Zealand and to succeed in NCEA. Skills include reading and writing, research and communication, critical thinking, group work and leadership. Students will develop these skills by learning about the following themes of work:

  • Identity – Family, school and NZ history, culture and identity
  • Critical thinking – problem solving, analysing current issues
  • Government – different types of governments including democracy and dictatorship
  • Migration – why people move either by choice or without choice and the consequences of this.

Leads to Year 10 Social Studies
Contact Simon Powrie

Prerequisite: Enrichment class and selected students.
Course Description: FPS is an extension programme. Students compete nationally and internationally solving global problems. The programme develops and strengthens creative problem solving, analytical thinking, teamwork, research skills, oral and written communication skills and initiative.
Topics: Term 1 – Mission to the Moon, Mars and Beyond; Term 2 – Drones; Term 3 – Food Loss and Waste; Term 4 – Coping with Stress.
Leads to Year 10 Future Problem Solving
Cost: $85 per student for registration
Contact Sarah Watts

ARTS COMBO – Half year course (6 week modules)

This is a basic taster course for art and design.  Students are given the experience of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, as well as basic design and graphic design.
Leads to Year 10 Art and Art Design
Contact Kevin Burgess
This is a fun course that introduces students to the fundamental elements of drama while teaching basic skills. Students will develop their creativity and presentation skills in group settings.
Leads to Year 10 Drama
Contact Luke Walton
This introductory music course involves:
Learning basic chords on instruments – guitars/keyboards (extending those with prior knowledge)
Concentrated listening (elements of music)
Reading basic notation / guitar tab
Developing skills in music technology
Leads to Year 9 and Year 10 Music
Contact Kay MacKenzie