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TOURISM - Level 2
Course Description
This course provides students with a broad introduction to tourism. Students will understand how tourism should be managed by discovering why tourists travel, where they travel and what they do when they travel. This may include: an introduction to careers within the tourism industry; how to provide customer service; guest speakers; field trips to experience what it is like to be a tourist; visits to accommodation providers.
Leads to Level 3 Tourism.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $30 for optional field trips (approximately)
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Level 2 Credits (US)
24728 Demonstrate knowledge of the work roles in tourism L2/Int3
24732 Demonstrate knowledge of tourist characteristics and needsL2/Int3
24730 Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism L2/Int4
24726 Describe and compare social and cultural impacts of tourism L2/Int3
24727 Describe and compare impacts of tourism on the physical environmentL2/Int3
24729 Demonstrate knowledge of world tourist destinationsL2/Int4
24731 Demonstrate knowledge of destination New Zealand L2/Int4
57 Provide customer serviceL2/Int2
TOURISM - Level 3
Course Description
This course enables students to understand how tourism works and its significance for New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and the world. By examining the economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects of tourism, students will gain an overall perspective of the industry. This may include: an introduction to career and study options available in tourism; guest speakers and field trips to Kaikoura and the Abel Tasman.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $300 for optional field trips (approximately)
Contact Dave Purdie
Level 3 Credits (US)
3727 Demonstrate knowledge of Pacific Island countries as visitor destinationsL3/Int5
23755 Identify and self-evaluate the demands of a specific role in a tourism workplaceL3/Int3
23766 Demonstrate knowledge of the tourism industryL3/Int5
24725 Describe and analyse the economic significance of tourism
24733 Describe and promote a New Zealand tourist destination L3/Int4