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Apart from the subjects and courses listed for each year level in the Course Overview Chart, other programmes are offered as part of the total curriculum of the school and these are described below. Some are integrated into the year’s programme and all students take them. Others are on an optional basis (eg sports, musical productions).

Enrichment Curriculum
In Years 9 and 10 students may be placed in an enrichment class or learning support class. The majority of students will be in mainstream classes. Open-ended learning tasks enable every student to perform to his ability.

This individual programme provides an opportunity for students in the junior school to consolidate basic skills in literacy. This enhanced programme is done in option time. Students will be directed into this course at the Dean’s discretion.

Outdoor Education – The Mataki Experience
All Year 10 students attend a week long camp at Mataki Lodge. This camp provides an introductory outdoor experience in this spectacular mountainous area (essentially Nelson Lakes National Park). Senior outdoor education options and field work in selected subjects in the senior school will provide students with the opportunity to build on these experiences.

Health Education
As described in the programme profiles, all Year 9 and 10 health education is in an integrated physical education/health education programme of three hours a week.

Music Tuition and Performances
All students are encouraged to participate in the music life of the college. We have a string group, choir, jazz band, jazz combo, chamber music groups, brass ensemble, rock bands and saxophone quartet which students can participate. Individual students are invited to perform at the two concerts during the year and at other music events such as the Nelson Arts Festival, concerts at other venues and during assembly to the college.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
ESOL help is available in a variety of ways for overseas students. Individual student needs are assessed within the ESOL department and appropriate programmes recommended.

School Productions
Students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of theatre, drama and dance productions including the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare, One Act Play and Vast Dance festivals. Regular large scale musical and drama productions with Nelson College for Girls have included Fatal Error!, Chicago, Grease, Frame and Romeo & Juliet, with students involved on stage and behind the scenes.

Overseas Trips
A number of subject areas and sports codes offer students the opportunity of broadening their education by travelling overseas.
Recent examples of such expeditions are:

• Japanese language students to Japan
• FPS to USA
• Cambodia and Vietnam
• Biennial Pacific Island cultural experience
• Turkey
• Peru

Students are expected to participate actively in fundraising and essentially raise their own travel funds but the effort is well worth it for the fun and unique experiences gained.

Gifted and Talented and Highly Motivated Students
Throughout the year a variety of opportunities targeting the needs of Gifted and Talented and Highly Motivated students will be offered. This will occur both as part of class programmes and as activities outside of regular class time and not limited to the Enrichment classes or students.

A wide range of sports is offered by the school. The first point of contact for any general enquiries about sport in the school is the Sports Co-ordinator Alethea Stove. Teams usually participate in locally run competitions with other secondary schools and through sports exchanges. There is usually a fee to cover cost of venue hire, uniforms, affiliations and transport to venues.
The school holds annual athletics, cross-country and swimming sports events where inter-house competition features prominently. Many sports codes participate in junior and senior inter-house competition.
Nelson College has a proud record of achievement at national secondary school level in a number of codes. These “first” teams demand an extra commitment from their members in terms of time, money and effort but the benefits are substantial.
At present the following sports and recreational activities are offered as school and/or house activities:

Beach Volleyball
Cross Country
Indoor Climbing
Inline Hockey
Lawn Bowls
Mountain Biking
Multi Sport
Table Tennis
Ultimate Frisbee
Underwater Hockey
Waka Ama

Cultural and ‘Club’ Groups

Brass Ensemble
FPS National Competition
Inter-school Christian Fellowship
Jazz Band
Kapa Haka group
Manu Korero
Pacific Island Cultural Group
Piano Chamber Music Group
Saxophone Quartet
String Group
Shakespeare Festival
Theatre Sports
Vast Dance Festival

Leadership training
Senior students have many opportunities to develop leadership qualities and skills in a practical school setting. All Year 13 students receive leadership training and can opt to further their commitment as College Leaders by involvement in student leader committees and community service functions and by contributing to their Houses.
All senior leaders are encouraged to become mentors for juniors. Those senior students wishing to be involved are paired up one-to-one with a younger student for an hour each week. A mentor library has been set up from which the pair can access materials and resources to use in their time together. Goals are set and support is given to achieve these. The mentees benefit from the 1:1 contact in an academic, social and emotional sense. The mentors themselves also gain, as they learn to deal with human relations, frustration, self-esteem and behavioural issues, as young leaders.