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Respect 360 is a series of activities, discussion questions or journaling assignments over 8 weeks in Year 9 English classes / assemblies and the wider school which guide our boys through how to:

  • redefine respect
  • practice The Respect Basics
  • break cycles of disrespect
  • achieve positive goals and thrive



The 8 weeks culminates in an ‘activities’ afternoon where Year 9 boys practically put into action their learnings. This is then followed by the boys completing an anonymous survey on aspects of respect and the Colleges climate and culture.

Respect 360 timetable below. Resources teacher will use to plan their lesson attached.

Week 4                         What is Respect (and Circle activities attached)
Week 5                         Tell your truth
Week 6                         Know you are valuable
Week 7                         Set boundaries
Week 8                         Trust your gut
Week 9                         Be compassionate
Week 10                       Get help
Term 2 Week 1           Have courage
Term 2 Week 2           Follow your passions