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Prerequisites: Minimum 8 credits in both literacy and numeracy or 12 credits in a technology subject
Course Description
This course is designed to enhance and build on the skills learnt in Level 1 Mechanical Engineering. Through fabrication, machining, aluminium casting and using Oxyacetylene, students will be producing a MAMOD style Traction Engine which runs off steam.
Leads to Level 3 Industrial Engineering
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA and National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.
Cost: $140 (approximately) for take home projects
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Level 2 Credits (US)LevelCreditNumLit
21906 Perform basic mechanical engineering machining operations under supervisionL2/Int12
4435 Select, use, and care for engineering dimensional measuring equipmentL2/Int3
2396 Select, use and maintain portable hand held engineering power toolsL2/Int4
Prerequisites: Year 11 or Year 12 Engineering or Design Technology
Course Description
This course will further enhance the student’s ability to manufacture and assemble components to a high standard. There will be a variety projects to choose from ranging from a 5cc Diesel engine, Stirling engine, or a range of engineering equipment e.g. Height gauges, scribing blocks, optical centre punch, clamps or something which you want to make (approved by HOF) and appropriate for the Level 3 skills and standards on offer.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $80 (approximately) for take home projects
Contact Robin Ringwood
Level 3 Credits (US/AS)
91620 Implement complex procedures to integrate parts using resistant materials to make a specified productL3/Int6
2436 Create three-dimensional engineering models under supervision (CAD)L3/Int5
20799 Demonstrate knowledge of common engineering metalsL3/Int4