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  • Rules & Regulations

    The Authority of the College
    The College Rules apply to students at all times while they are under the authority of the School.

    Students are under the authority of the College while:
    (a) Present at College during an official school day.
    (b) Representing the College at any time whether it be in sport, cultural pursuits or any other activity.
    (c) Attending any College related event, social function, or activity identifiable as a student of our College.
    (d) On a College trip whether or not a parent or guardian is also present.
    (e) On the way to and from College.
    (f) At any time they are wearing College uniform.
    (g) Identifiable as a student of Nelson College in an online environment

    Section A – Fundamental Rules

    General Conduct and Commitment
    (a) Students are expected to display a high standard of behaviour, courtesy and manners.
    (b) Loud or offensive behaviour is not permitted.
    (c) Students are expected to display respect towards all staff, toward each other and towards members of the public at all times.
    (d) Students must not act in a manner that brings, or potentially brings, the College into disrepute.

    Behaviour in Class
    (a) Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner at all times.

    Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
    (a) No student shall consume, sell, purchase, supply, have in his possession or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, (or look alike tobacco products such as, but not unlimited to, ecigarettes/vaping), illegal drugs, synthetic drugs, R18 legal drugs or party pills, whether or not lawful under the law of New Zealand, while on the College’s property or under the authority of the College.
    (b) No student is permitted to have in their possession any drug or alcohol paraphernalia while under the authority of the College.
    (c) A disciplinary committee of the Board of Trustees is authorised, in its sole discretion, to determine, in any particular case before it, whether a drug, pill or substance is prohibited by Rule (a) above.

    Theft, Bullying and Sexual Assault
    (a) No student shall steal.
    (b) No student shall bully, harass, assault, fight with or intimidate another student, staff member or any other member of the community.
    (c) No student shall be in possession of, or use, a prohibited or restricted item, for example knives or firearms, or use any item to intimidate or as a weapon.
    (d) No student shall engage in any form of sexual activity while under the Authority of the College

    Section B – General Rules

    The Board of Trustees, and College Community have affirmed that Nelson College is a College that wants a uniform and that it should be worn well.

    Uniform helps instil a sense of identity and purpose.  Self-esteem is enhanced by wearing a uniform with pride.  Uniform should be worn in accordance with the attached guidelines.

    These Rules are a guide and are not intended to be a comprehensive statement or exhaustive list. The College reserves the right to amend/replace these Rules from time to time at its discretion.

    Breaches of the College Rules will not be tolerated and will be treated seriously by the College administration and Headmaster.

    Any breach of the Fundamental Rules will be referred to the Headmaster. The Headmaster will review all the circumstances and where appropriate consider a stand- down period and/or Suspension as disciplinary options.

    Serious and/or sustained breaches of any of the College Rules will be referred to the Discipline Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees.

    The Board will consider the Headmaster’s report on the matter and the parents/guardians of the student and any representative (if required) will be invited to a hearing. The Board’s options in such cases include lifting or extending the Suspension (with or without conditions) or to exclude (if the student is under 16 years) or expel (if the student is 16 or older).

  • Attendance & General Requirements

    If a student is absent it is important that the school is notified.  Please either complete the Online Form or email or call the Attendance line on 548 3099 Ext 2. Please leave the student’s name, the reason for their absence and if known, how long they will be absent.  On returning to school please collect a pink slip from the Attendance office to show to your teachers. Click here for full attendance guidelines

    Off Site
    It is a College rule that no pupil leaves the College grounds at lunchtime unless they have the permission of the Deputy Principals.  A note from home would be accepted.
    The neighbouring dairy and bakery are out of bounds during interval and lunchtime.

    Appointments should not be arranged during College time.  If this is unavoidable there is a procedure that boys need to complete before they are granted leave.
    Students should bring a written request for leave to the Attendance Office for a pink slip which they then show to their teachers.

    All students are expected to be in their timetabled class.  This will be monitored and parents contacted when students are not present.  All absences from class should be explained and parents should provide their sons with an explanatory note.  Failure to provide a note will result in the student being disciplined and the parents contacted.  Parents who wish to take their sons on holiday during term time need to contact the Headmaster.

    Students are not to leave school if they are feeling unwell without permission.  Please inform the classroom teacher and then report to the reception.  The College has a trained nurse on site to deal with illnesses during the school day.  If a student needs to go home the Nurse or reception will contact the student’s parent/caregiver.  DO NOT JUST LEAVE SCHOOL.

  • Bikes / Vehicles

    Bikes: There is a bicycle compound at the College for safe keeping of boys’ bicycles during the College day.  This compound is locked before period one and opened again at the end of period five.  Boys must lock their bikes as well as putting them in the compound in order to minimise the possibility of theft or vandalism.

    Cars / Motorbikes: Students who bring a vehicle to and from school are under New Zealands Law’s and are expected to comply with all statutory requirements.

    • All licence requirements must be followed
    • They must not park on the school grounds and must park legally on public roads (includes scooters).
  • Buses

    Route 7094


    7.58am leaves Rest A While Stops foot of Gentle Annie only

    8.20am arrives at NCG Rutherford Street entrance
    8.25 Nelson College Hampden St stop

    3.25pm from Nelson College Hampden St stop
    3.30pm from NCG Main Gates

    Route 7096

    The Glen – Todds Valley – NCG

    7.50am departs The Glen

    8.20am arrives at NCG Rutherford Street entrance
    8.25 Nelson College

    3.20pm from Neson College
    3.30pm from NCG Main Gates

    Route 7097

    Tui Glen

    7.50am departs Tui Glen – Malvern Ave – Brooklands Rd – Cemetery exit – Iwa Rd

    8.20am arrives NCG
    8.25 arrives Nelson College

    3.40pm from Nelson College
    3.45pm departs NCG Main Gates

    Route 7104

    City Boundary

    7.50am departs City Boundary, Clifton Tce, Marybank

    8.20am arrive NCG
    8.25am arrive Nelson College

    3.40pm from Nelson College
    3.45pm from NCG Main Gates

    Route 7102

    Dodsons Valley

    7.50am departs St Peters Church, Dodsons Valley
    8.15am arrives NCG Rutherford St
    8.20am arrives Nelson College3.30pm from Nelson College
    3.35pm from NCG Main Gates
    SBL / NBUS

    Port – Tahunanui – Stoke –

    via Annesbrook

    7.45am leaves Richmond
    8.18am arrives SBL Bridge Street depot
    8.15am leaves Richmond
    8.50 arrives SBL Bridge Street depot3.15pm and 3.45pm, 4.15pm departs Bridge Street depot. NBUS
    NBUS 1

    SBL / NBUS – Wakatu – Stoke – Richmond


    NB All Richmond students should use this service

    7.30am leaves Richmond
    7.59am arrives NCG Rutherford Street entrance
    8.00am leaves Richmond
    8.37am arrives NCG Rutherford Street entrance3.30pm departs NCG Rutherford St 3.35pm from NC. NBUS
    3.20pm departs NCG Rutherford St
    3.25pm Boys to Richmond ONLY on Motueka buses if room
    ROUTE 5

    SBL – Hope –

    Brightwater – Wakefield

    NB this bus will not take Richmond students

    7.35am departs Wakefield – 88 Valley Bus Shelter
    7.45am Brightwater – Cnr Newman Ave & Lord Rutherford Rd
    Then Ellis Street (opposite Brightwater school)
    7.52am arrives Hope – opposite shop, Ranzau Rd & Main Road Hope
    8.35am arrives Nelson College
    8.40am arrives NCG Rutherford Street3.20pm departs NCG Rutherford Street
    3.25pm departs Nelson College opp Hospital
    ROUTE 3/ROUTE 1 (starts Mapua)

    SBL – Coastal Route –

    via Mapua

    7.10am depart from Motueka I-Site
    8.40am arrives NC 8.45am arrives at NCG Rutherford St3.20pm departs NCG Rutherford St
    3.25 departs Nelson College
    ROUTE 2

    SBL – Motueka Inland Route

    7.10am departs from Motueka Clock Tower
    8.35am arrives Nelson College
    8.40am arrives at NCG Rutherford St3.20pm departs NCG Rutherford St
    3.25pm Nelson College opp Hospital

    Nelson Coachlines: 03 548 3290, MOE – 0800 BUS2SCHOOL (0800 287 272)
    SBL Richmond/Wakefield routes –  ORANGE TICKETS
    SBL Motueka routes – BLUE TICKETS
    NBUS – YELLOW TICKETS               SBL Tickets are not valid on NBUS Services


  • Canteen & Dining room

    The school canteen has a large selection of cold and hot food, snack & home baking and drinks.

    Open morning interval and lunch

    • 11.00am to 11.25am
    • 1.25pm to 2.15pm (dining room has finished at 2pm)

    See full canteen menu

    Dining room lunch meals available each school day for $8.00

    • Hot item of the day, pasta dish, salads, cold meat platters, fruit
    • Meal tickets must be purchased from the finance office prior to lunch
  • Cell Phones

    Cell phones are to be turned off and out of sight in class. Texting is not permitted during class time.

    Phones will be confiscated and handed to the Deputy Principals or the Deputy Headmaster if these rules are not followed.

    1st Offence – mobile phone usage  Confiscation for 3 school days.
    2nd Offence – mobile phone usage Confiscation for 5 school days.
    3rd Offence – mobile phone usage Confiscation indefinitely with parents uplifting the phone.

    Regulations governing confiscation of communication technologies and the use of technology within the College campus are stipulated in the College Cybersafety policy and its associated acceptable use protocols.

  • Information Technology at Nelson College


    In 2017 Nelson College decided to make the use of devices compulsory for students in Year 9 and 10 with the intention to phase this in over a number of years. In 2020 BYOD (bring your own device) is compulsory for all year levels.

    Our motivation is to enable the use of devices in class as often as possible, where applicable. Devices are becoming powerful tools for work at school, as well as create an increasingly smooth transition between school and home. Collaboration, critical thinking, self-regulation and digital literacy are regarded as vital skills for the future and are at the core of our use of IT in the classroom.

    All relevant information for you is now on the Nelson College website under BYOD at Nelson College.

    Computer use
    Students and staff are expected to sign an acceptable use agreement form before they are permitted to access the College’s Network and the Internet.  Breaches of this acceptable use agreement may result in being locked out of the network, impositions and/or disciplinary measures.

    Website/electronic access
    The College encourages parents to visit our website to keep up-to-date with current information. The website also provides a parent sign in to our secure web environment where parents and caregivers can access information to keep them informed of their son’s learning progress including attendance, timetables, report, achievement data and daily notices. New parents will be given a password for the Parent Portal early in the year. Students will be able to access the same information as well as many learning resources and information via Ultranet. They will also be given a password early in the year.

  • Stationery

    Stationery lists will be available online on the college website and from two suppliers, Paper Plus or Office Max (Term 4).  Stationery lists will also be held in store at these two suppliers.  Both websites can be found below for ordering online:
    Paper Plus:
    Office Max:


  • Uniform Guidelines

    It is important that students wear these uniform items correctly:

    • Shorts need to be pulled up appropriately.
    • Socks must be up (blue socks are beginning to be introduced, grey socks are still acceptable)
    • Blue polo shirts may be out (all other shirts in).
    • If students choose to wear a belt it should be dark blue or black.
    • Singlets and/or polypropylene vests are recommended in winter but should be short sleeved and not visible.
    • In particular it is not acceptable to wear:
    • Mufti clothing & Beanies / Jandals / Running shoes/cross trainers etc.
    • College Sports Jackets /Any visible jewellery.
    • Long sleeved polyprops (unless under a long sleeved shirt) / Caps (unless College)


    • Hair (personal grooming)
    • neat and tidy / Long hair must be tied back.
    • Colour should a natural shade, uniform (no multiple colours) and that is acceptable to the management of the school.
    • No dreadlocks, mohawks, ‘rats tails’ and designs/logos cut into the hair.
    • Facial hair is not accepted.  Students must be clean shaven.

    Parents are encouraged to seek the College management’s guidance if they are concerned their son’s proposed hair style might be unacceptable.

    Uniform Shop
    This is run by the PTA and all proceeds are returned to the College.  The shop is located in the basement of the main Administration Block and is the sole distributor of Nelson College uniform.

    Tuesday           1.30pm – 4.30pm
    Thursday         1.30pm – 4.30pm

    Click for holiday hours timetable (TBA)

  • Wet Day Arrangements

    On wet days the Hall is available at interval and lunch time for boys. Staff will be on duty.