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Course Description
Students investigate basic cookery techniques and issues relating to food to enable them to plan, prepare and present food that is appropriate for a range of people and situations. Table service skills are introduced, which may combine with other skills to create a training restaurant.
Leads to Level 2 Food and Hospitality.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $160 take home food costs
Contact Quinton Gately
Level 1
Credits (US)

21058 Identify career pathways in the hospitality industryL1/Int2
15900 Prepare and present meat in the hospitality industryL1/Int4
15901 Prepare and present fruit and vegetables in the hospitality industryL1/Int3
19769 Provide food service to the table in the hospitality industry L1/Int3
19770 Prepare and present egg and cheese dishes in the hospitality industryL1/Int3
21059 Demonstrate knowledge of knife care, use, storage, and carrying for the hospitality industryL1/Int2
15919 Prepare and present hot finger food in the hospitality industryL1/Int2
15920 Prepare and present sauce and soup in the hospitality industryL1/Int2
15921 Prepare and cook a cake, a sponge and a batch of scones in the hospitality industryL1/Int3
Course Description
The aim of this course is to prepare students with entry level skills for either work or study in the hospitality area. Students will gain an understanding of the hospitality industry and gain a wide range of food safety and practical cookery skills.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $160 take home food costs
Contact Quinton Gately
Level 2 Credits (US)
167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervisionL2/Int4
20666 Demonstrate a basic knowledge of contamination hazards and control methods used in a food businessL2/Int2
13285 Handle and maintain knives in a commercial kitchen L2/Int2
13271 Cook food items by fryingL2/Int2
13272 Cook food items by baking L2/Int2
13273 Cook food items by boiling L2/Int2
13274 Cook food items by poaching L2/Int2
13275 Cook food items by steamingL2/Int2
13276 Cook food items by grillingL2/Int2
13277 Cook food items by braisingL2/Int2
Course Description
The aim of this course is to develop and extend students’ understanding of and interest in the Food and Hospitality industry. Students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the knowledge, skills and techniques required to produce a range of food and beverage consistent with industry standards.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $150 to cover food costs
Contact Nicki Rattray
Level 3 Credits (US)
168 Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards, and control methods in a food businessL3/Int4
13343 Demonstrated knowledge of basic nutrition in commercial cateringL3/Int5
17284 Demonstrate knowledge of coffee origin and production L3/Int3
17285 Demonstrate knowledge of commercial espresso coffee equipment and prepare and present espresso beverages under supervisionL3/Int4
17288 Prepare and present espresso beverages for serviceL3/Int5