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Course Description
This course looks at consumers and producers and their contribution to the economy. It also covers producer decisions, their interactions with consumers and the market.
Leads to Level 2 Economics.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
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Level 1 Credits (AS)
90984 Demonstrate understanding of decisions a producer makes about productionL1/Int5L1
90985 Demonstrate understanding of producer choices using supplyL1/Ext3L1
90986 Demonstrate understanding of how consumer, producer and/or government choices affect society, using market equilibriumL1/Ext5L1
90987 Demonstrate understanding of a government choice where affected groups have different viewpointsL1/Int4L1
90988 Demonstrate understanding of the interdependence of sectors of the New Zealand economyL1/Int3L1
Prerequisites: NCEA Level 1
Course Description
This course focuses on employment, trade, growth, inflation and inequality through the discussion of local and world-wide economic issues.
Leads to Level 3 Economics.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
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Level 2 Credits (AS)
91222 Analyse inflation using economic concepts and models L2/Ext4UE w
91223 Analyse international trade using economic concepts and modelsL2/Ext4UE w
91225 Analyse unemployment using economic concepts and models L2/Int4L1
91226 Analysis statistical data relating to two contemporary economic issuesL2/Int4L1L1
91228 Analyse a contemporary economic issue of special interest using economic concepts and modelsL2/Int4UE r
Prerequisites: Students who have not studied Economics at Years 11 or 12 may study this subject at this level at the discretion of the HOD
Course Description
This course provides an analytical study of the market and the public sector as well as an understanding of overall resource allocation in the economy.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA and University Entrance.
Contact Simon Mardon
Level 3 Credits (AS)
91399 Demonstrate understanding of the efficiency of market equilibriumL3/Ext4UE rw
91401 Demonstrate understanding of micro-economic concepts L3/Int5UE r
91402 Demonstrate understanding of government interventions to correct market failuresL3/Int5UE r
91403 Demonstrate understanding of macro-economic
influences on the New Zealand economy
L3/Ext6UE rw