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DRAMA - Level 1
Course Description
Students will enhance their practical knowledge in devised theatre by developing techniques using movement, creativity, characterisation and performance skills. They will develop self-confidence with regards to performing and study the theory of theatre.
Leads to: Level 2 Drama
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Contact Luke Walton
Level 1 Credits (AS)
90997 Devise and perform a drama L1/Int5L1
90998 Demonstrate understanding of features of a drama/theatre formL1/Ext4L1
90999 Use features of a drama/theatre form in a performanceL1/Int4L1
90009 Perform an acting role in a scripted production L1/Int5L1
90011 Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performanceL1/Ext4L1
DRAMA - Level 2
Prerequisites: 12 Level 1 Drama credits
Course Description
This course extends students in vocal communication, characterisation, teamwork, confidence and other essential skills. There are a number of performance opportunities, including a major class production.
Leads to: Level 3 Drama
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Contact Luke Walton
Level 2 Credits (AS)
91213 Apply drama techniques in a scripted context L2/Int4UE r
91214 Devise and perform a drama to realise an intention L2/Int5L1
91217 Examine the work of a playwright L2/Int4UE r
91218 Perform a substantial acting role in a scripted productionL2/Int5UE r
91219 Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions and technologies within live performanceL2/Ext4UE w
DRAMA - Level 3
Prerequisites: 12 Level 2 credits in Drama
Course Description
This course combines in-depth theoretical theatre studies and performance opportunities. Students will devise, direct and perform in original dramas while developing technical and production skills.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA and University Entrance
Contact Luke Walton
Level 3 Credits (AS)
91512 Interpret scripted text to integrate drama techniques in performanceL3/Int4UE r
91513 Devise and perform a drama to realise a conceptL3/Int5L1
91514 Interpret a text from a prescribed playwright to demonstrate knowledge of a theatre form or periodL3/Ext4UE rw
91517 Perform a substantial acting role in a significant production L3/Int5UE r
91518 Demonstrate understanding of live drama performance L3/Ext4UE w