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Year 9 Course of Study

Compulsory subjects

English OR ESOL
Social Studies
Physical Education/Health
Skills through Technology (Graphics/Technology/Design Metal & Wood/Computing)
Arts Combo (Music/Art/Drama) – half year course

Option subjects

You have the opportunity of choosing ONE subject. Each course runs for half a year, three hours per week.
Art Design
Drama Performance
Music Performance
French (not running 2019)
Te Reo Māori

Guidance Notes

  • Arts Combo is a combined approach to the study of the Arts requirement of the National Curriculum where students will study a core course of six weeks in each Arts discipline.
  • The Physical Education/Health Education combination enables the PE Department to use creative timetabling to establish the best possible programme.
  • Skills through Technology provides students with a core course of four skills-based modules – Graphics, Technology, Design (Wood & Metal), Digital Technology (Computing) through which to experience the application of technology in society.
  • Future Problem Solving is an extension of the Social Science programme offered to the enrichment class and selected students.


Year 9 Option Form