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Student evaluation, reviews, interviews, examinations and reports

The academic progress of students is constantly being evaluated throughout the year through a variety of assessments. Senior students are given an a schedule of assessments in each subject.

Years 9 and 10
Regular Deans’ meetings monitor the progress of individual students. A progress report is issued in Term 1. Academic reports are issued during Term 2 and at the end of Term 4. Parent-Teacher interviews are held twice a year.

Years 11 – 13
A progress report is issued in Term 1. Academic reports are issued during Term 2 and Term 3. Parent-Teacher interviews are held twice a year. Practice exams are in Term 3. Internal results are available to be viewed via the parent portal.

Provisional report and exam practice timeline

Term 1
Week 7 – Progress report
Week 9 & 10 -Parent Teacher Interviews
Term 2
Week 6 – Senior Reports
Week 10 – Junior Reports
Term 3
Week 3 – Parent Teacher Interviews
Week 5 – Senior Practice Exams
Week 10 – Senior Reports
Term 4
Weeks 4 & 5 – NCEA External Exams
Week 9 – Junior Reports


The importance of homework, home study and review

Nelson College endorses the importance of home study as an essential component in the learning process. Students can expect home study tasks on a regular basis from all their subject areas.

Common forms of homework include:

  • Completing a task from the day’s class.
  • Practising new skills or reinforcing new content learnt during the day.
  • Completing assignment work.
  • Preparing for a test.

If there is no set task students are encouraged to review and revise completed units of work or spend time on personal reading. Latest research shows that these activities are essential for committing knowledge to long term memory and building vital literacy skills.


The use of computers is compulsory for students at Nelson College, through our BYOD policy where students are encouraged to bring their own devices to school. It is recommended that students bring their devices to school each day for use in classes and to allow a smooth transition between school and home.

Whilst there are a number of devices available to students in the form of netbooks, laptops and desktops throughout the school. BYOD enables the use of devices in every class as well as at home. BYOD is embedded into our curriculum where students use devices to access their education in a range of subjects to develop knowledge and skills.

Digital fluency is one of these skills and is a key skill for the 21st century, this means students need to know how to use/or manipulate technology through using productivity tools in the form of apps and programs. As well as developing higher order thinking skills in terms of critical thinking, problem solving and computational thinking (programming).

For more information on BYOD at Nelson College such as device recommendations, where to buy, finance, security and FREEE Microsoft Office 365 visit: hhtp:// or email


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Usernames and Passwords
User names and passwords are emailled to parents in term 1.
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