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Course Description
Bconstructive Fine Wood develops skills in design, construction and evaluation and allows students to be creative with wood and challenge their capabilities. Both the standard projects and student’s variations build on motivation, decision-making and craftsmanship.
*25919 and 2216 may be offered.
Leads to Level Furniture and Joinery, Design Technology or Trade Building
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Cost: $85 for take home projects.
Contact Gordon McKenzie
Level 1 Credits (US)
24352 Demonstrate knowledge of and apply safe working practices in the construction of a BCATS projectL1/Int2
24355 Demonstrate knowledge of construction and manufacturing materials used in BCATS project L1/Int4
24356 Apply elementary workshop procedures and processes for BCATS projectsL1/Int8
25920 Use joints for a BCATS project L1/Int3