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Information For Parents

Online (or distance) learning is a great opportunity for your son to practise self-management … with some guidance from you.  You can help by:

  • talk about the benefits of routines and explain what he should consider (see below)
  • agree in advance what reminders he needs such as waking up, going to bed, etc
  • check in at the end of the day about how he feels he’s going, and if you can support him in any way

Your son is responsible for:

  • setting up and following a routine
  • knowing what work he has to do for each subject … and doing it
  • knowing when his face-to-face classes are … and attending
  • helping out at home (e.g. cooking, cleaning)

A regular routine is very important for your son.  Have a week-day plan and a weekend plan.  The plan should include:

  • waking up time
  • study time(s)
  • meal breaks
  • exercise
  • relaxation
  • social time (including gaming)
  • going to bed

Our staff are available to help you.  If you have questions or want some support, contact the following people:

  • what should my son be studying?
       … contact your son’s subject teachers or Dean if you don’t have the teachers’ details
  • how much work should my son have?
       … years 9-10 students should do around 2 hours work per subject each week
       … years 11-13 students should do around 3 hours work per subject each week (plus extra if they have assessments to work on)
  • what’s my son’s timetable?
       … go to the parent portal or contact your son’s Dean
  • how many credits does my son already have?
       … go to the parent portal or contact your son’s Dean
  • I’m worried about my son’s mental health and wellbeing
       … contact one of our guidance counsellors (Simon Field or Heledd Restall).
       … information for other agencies are available on the student wellbeing page
  • I want advice on how to help my son study
       … contact one of our learning support coordinators (Jenn Arai or Deb Doherty)

Gaming is normal and OK as long as it doesn’t take over study or keep your son up late and he’s too tired to study the next day.  We strongly recommend that you discuss this with your son and agree:

  • gaming happens after study
  • gaming is limited (e.g. 1-2 hours per day)
  • gaming stops at a reasonable bed-time (e.g. 10.00pm)

Good luck.

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