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CLASSICS - Level 1
Course Description
This course provides an introduction to Greek and Roman civilisation, linked to today including: Greek mythology; How gladiators fought for their public; How the Colosseum was a purpose built public arena for reality sport; How Julius Caesar overcame entitled conservative elites, and shaped Roman politics; How the Film ‘Troy’ relates to the original Trojan War story.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Leads to Level 2 Classics.
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Level 1 Credits (AS)
91022 Demonstrate understanding of the significance of features of work(s) of art in the classical worldL1/Ext4L1
91023 Demonstrate understanding of an important historical figure in the classical worldL1/Ext4L1
91024 Demonstrate understanding of social relationships in the classical worldL1/Int6L1
91025 Demonstrate understanding of links between aspects of the classical world and another cultureL1/Int6L1
CLASSICS - Level 2
Course Description
This is an intermediate study of Greek and Roman civilisation linked to today including: The battle of Leonidas and 300 - why is it still immortalised? The original Odysseus as a hero and Joseph Campbell's 'Hero’s Journey'; The contrast of modern and ancient hero-making; How what looks like a building - The Parthenon - is a symbol of Athens’ supreme imperial domination in Iron Age Greece.
Leads to Level 3 Classics.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
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Level 2 Credits (AS)
91200 Examine ideas and values of the classical worldL2/Ext4UE rw
91201 Examine the significance of features of work(s) of art in the classical worldL2/Ext4UE rw
91202 Demonstrate understanding of a significant event in the classical world L2/Int4UE r
91204 Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between aspects of the classical world and aspects of other culturesL2/Int6UE r
CLASSICS - Level 3
Course Description
Advanced study of Greece and Rome, linked to today, including: The huge struggle to switch from Republic to Emperor Augustus; Public propaganda by Augustus and subsequent emperors; Greek philosophy of science, politics and ethics; Comedy through millennia.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA and University Entrance
Contact Stuart Roxburgh
Level 3 Credits (AS)
91395 Analyse the significance of a work(s) of art in the classical worldL3/Ext4UE rw
91396 Analyse the impact of a significant historical figure on the classical worldL3/Ext6UE rw
91397 Demonstrate understanding of significant ideology(ies) in the classical worldL3/Int6UE r
91398 Demonstrate understanding of the lasting influences of the classical world on other cultures across timeL3/Int6UE r