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Course Description
This course offers a chance for students to consider career options and gain some practical experience associated with employment. The communication and life skill standards support literacy unit standards and offer credits at Level 1.
Individual pathways will be considered, and not all credits will be offered to all students.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Contact: Jennifer Arai
Level 1 Credits (US)
4249 Describe care and timeliness as an employeeL1/Int3
496 Manage personal wellnessL1/Int3
504 Produce a CV (curriculum vitae)L1/Int2
1293 Be interviewed in an informal one-to-one, face-to- face interviewL1/Int2
10780 Complete a work experience placement (optional)L1/Int2
497 Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirementsL1/Int3
4248 Describe requirements and expectations faced by employees within the workplaceL1/Int3
3503 Communicate in a team or group to complete a routine taskL1/Int2
1978 Identify and describe basic employment rights and responsibilities, and sources of information and assistanceL1/Int3
543 Work in a new workplace L1/Int3
Course Description
This course offers students a chance to consider career options and gain practical experience with potential employment. Students will be able to gain Level 2 credits and will develop practical skills such as resume writing, interviewing, career planning, job hunting, and problem solving.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Contact: Jennifer Arai
Level 2 Credits (US)
10781 Produce a plan for own future directionsL2/Int3
7177 Produce a plan to enhance own learningL2/Int2
12383 Explore career options and their implicationsL2/Int3
12355 Describe stress and ways of dealing with itL2/Int2
7123 Demonstrate knowledge of problem solving and apply a problem solving technique to a problemL2/Int2
1299 Be assertive in a range of specified situationsL2/Int4
4252 Produce a targeted resumeL2/Int2
4253 Demonstrate knowledge of job search skillsL2/Int3
1294 Be interviewed in a formal interviewL2/Int2
4261 Identify legal rights and obligations in relation to registering and operating a private motor vehicleL2/Int3
Course Description
This course offers individual pathways for students as they prepare to transition into the workplace or further study. Students may apply for Gateway, which involves work placement outside of school; or for Career Passport, which does not involve being placed out of College.
As individual pathways will be considered, not all credits will be offered to all students.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Contact: Leigh Gray (Gateway) / Jennifer Arai
Level 2 & 3 Credits (US)
12360 Describe and explain emerging patterns of workL3/Int3
4251 Plan a career pathwayL3/Int2
1296 Interview in an informal situationL3/Int3
17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplaceL2/Int4
17602 Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplaceL3/Int4
26551 Provide first aid for life threatening conditionsL2/Int1
26552 Demonstrate knowledge of common first aid conditions and how to respond to themL2/Int1
1307 Speak to a known audience in a predictable situationL3/Int3
4252 Produce a personal targeted CV (curriculum vitae)L2/Int2
9681 Contribute within a team or group which has an objectiveL3/Int3
1980 Describe, from an employee perspective, ways of dealing with employment relationship problems L3/Int2
1304 Communicate with people from other culturesL3/Int2
1279 Write in plain EnglishL3/Int3