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BIOLOGY - Level 2
Prerequisites: 12 Level 1 Science credits
Course Description
This course encourages students to explore the natural world.
Topics include:
• the structure and function of cells
• the mechanisms behind genetic variation
• evolution and the relationship between structure and function in animals.
Leads to Level 3 Biology.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
Contact: Johnnie Fraser
Level 2 credits (AS)LevelCreditNumLit
91155 Demonstrate understanding of adaption of plants or animals to their way of lifeL2/Int3L1
91156 Demonstrate understanding of the life processes at the cellular levelL2/Ext4L1
91157 Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change L2/Ext4L1
91159 Demonstrate understanding of gene expression L2/Ext4L1
91154 Analyse the biological validity of information presented to the publicL2/Int3L1
BIOLOGY - Level 3
Prerequisites: Minimum 12 Level 2 credits in Biology
Course Description
This is an academic senior biology course focusing on:
• human physiology
• genetics and evolution
• how plants and animals respond to their environments
• practical investigations into animal behaviour
• human evolution
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA and University Entrance
Contact: Johnnie Fraser
Level 3 credits (AS) LevelCreditNumLit
91601 Carry out a practical investigation in a biological context, with guidanceL3/Int4L1L1
91603 Demonstrate understanding of the responses of plants and animals to their external environmentL3/Ext5UE rw
91604 Demonstrate understanding of how an animal maintains a stable internal environmentL3/Int3UE r
91605 Demonstrate understanding of evolutionary processes leading to speciationL3/Ext4UE rw
91606 Demonstrate understanding of trends in human evolution L3/Ext4UE rw