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Course Description
This course provides an introduction to accounting principles and processes for individuals, families, community organisations and business. It will give students a basic understanding of accounting and its use.
Leads to Level 2 Accounting.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
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Level 1 Credits (AS)
90977 Process financial transactions for a small entity L1/Int5
90978 Prepare financial statements for sole proprietors L1/Ext5
90979 Prepare financial information for a community
organisation’s annual general meeting
90980 Interpret accounting information for sole proprietorsL1/Ext4L1
90982 Demonstrate an understanding of cash management for a small entityL1/Int4L1
Prerequisites: Minimum of 12 NCEA credits in Level 1 Accounting, or HOD approval
Course Description
This course looks at accounting systems, principles and processes for business
organisations, both in theory and through the practical application of MYOB accounting software.
Leads to Level 3 Accounting.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA
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Level 2 Credits (AS)
91175 Demonstrate understanding of accounting processing using accounting softwareL2/Int4L1
91176 Prepare financial information for an entity that operates accounting subsystemsL2/Ext5L1
91177 Interpret accounting information for entities that operate accounting subsystemsL2/Ext4L1L1
91179 Demonstrate understanding of an accounts receivable subsystem for an entityL2/Int3L1L1
91386 Demonstrate understanding of an inventory subsystem for an entityL2/Int3L1L1
91481 Demonstrate understanding of a contemporary accounting issue for decision-makingL2/Int4L1
Prerequisites: 12 Level 2 Accounting credits or at the discretion of the HOD
Course Description
This course covers both financial and management accounting. The emphasis is on companies and partnerships.
Qualifications: Credits towards NCEA and University Entrance
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Level 3 Credits (AS)
91407 Prepare a report for an external user that interprets the annual report of a New Zealand reporting entityL3/Int5UE rw
91405 Demonstrate understanding of accounting for partnerships L3/Int4L1
91406 Demonstrate understanding of company financial statement preparationL3/Ext5L1
91408 Demonstrate understanding of management accounting to inform decision-makingL3/Ext4L1L1
91409 Demonstrate understanding of a job cost subsystem for an entity L3/Int4L1L1